LatitudeGo Hosted Experience Trip

April 27th - 28th, 2024 Cincinnati, OH to Minneapolis, MN

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Experience Trip - Cincinnati to Minneapolis

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What Is SkyFusion?

SkyFusion from LatitudeGo is an innovative tool that enables you to offer your clients special group booking rates on luxurious private flights, even if you don’t have the entire group assembled or the payment in hand yet.

Curate Custom Group Travel Packages

SkyFusion allows you to combine clients with similar interests into one customized journey.

Increased Affordabilty For Everyone

SkyFusion allows travel advisors to offer custom luxury travel at group rates, making high-end trips accessible to more clients.

Stand Out In A Crowded Industry

SkyFusion lets agents offer unique private charters, attracting clients and setting them apart as industry innovators.

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