Enhance your travel services with private jet charters.

Making every moment count, from takeoff to touchdown, with Unmatched Customization, Transparent Pricing with Pay Over Time Options, and Unsurpassed Peace of Mind

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Enhance Your Travel Services with Private Jet Charters and Trip Packages.

Making every moment count, from takeoff to touchdown, with Unmatched Customization, Transparent Pricing with Pay Over Time Options, and Unsurpassed Peace of Mind

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Easily, and Affordably, Book Private Air Travel

Experience the ultimate platform for private charter flights with LatitudeGo! Gain access to an extensive network of top-notch private air carriers and curate a luxurious private travel experience for your clients.

By partnering with LatitudeGo, you'll set your agency apart from the competition and receive competitive commission rates for every booking. Don't miss out on this opportunity. Join LatitudeGo today!

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Private Jets For Every Occasion

Offer your clients a unique and unforgettable travel experience with private charter flights, no matter what the occasion may be - whether it's a romantic getaway, a family vacation, a business trip, or a milestone celebration

Party Travel

Vacation Experiences

Memories are made with loved ones, be it friends or familiy, and what better way to create lasting memories than on a private charter vacation.

Graduation Trips

Romantic Getaways

Make your clients' special day truly unforgettable with an all-inclusive destination celebration experience that includes romantic travel, unlimited options to invite loved ones, and memories that will last a lifetime.

Sporting Excursions

LatitudeGo sports travel occasions

Business Travel

Elevate business travel with private aviation. Gain a competitive edge with unbeatable flexibility, efficiency, and time savings. Unlock new opportunities, explore destinations, and seize new horizons.

Benefits Of Using LatitudeGo

Experience the excitement of turning private flying dreams into reality with LatitudeGo's exclusive deals, real-time quotes, and pay over time options, while curating high-quality travel experiences with transparency, competitive commissions and unrivaled peace of mind.

Thrilled Travel Advisors Love Us

Travel agents love booking with LatitudeGo for private charter flights. Our large selection of flights, easy to use platform, generous commissions, and our unrivaled support makes our partnership a key part of their business.

Join them now and create unforgtettable travel experiences for your clients with LatitudeGo.

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    This Partnership Will Help Us Exceed Our Revenue Goals

    Latitude has been very, very helpful in helping me add another revenue stream to my travel agency with private flights. This partnership will help us exceed our revenue goals for 2024. The private jet service has been very well received by our client base and we cannot wait to roll this program out!

    Emily, Travel Agent - January, 2024

    An Amazing Opportunity

    So blessed to have connected with you and looking forward to doing BIG things with LatitudeGo!

    Shankara, Travel Agent - January, 2024

    Experience is Positive and Hopeful!

    My experience with LatitudeGo has been positive and hopeful. It is something that I am working towards, trying to be in the number of travel advisors booking in the luxury travel category. I have enjoyed the process and am excited to see where it goes with the one on one support and services.

    Leeshon, Travel Advisor - January 2024

    White Glove Service is Excellent!

    LatitudeGo's White Glove Service and Marketing Support is excellent!  They responded quickly when I needed materials for a big expo on short notice and made advertising luxury private flights easy!

    Jim, Travel Advisor - February, 2023

    Great Value, Incredible Commissions

    The subscription plans are fair for the value of booking private.

    Shawntel, Travel Advisor - May, 2023

    The Future Is Bright

    “I had no idea what to expect going into this but it definitely provides a valuable service…"

    Bobbie, Travel Advisor - May, 2023

    Great Opportunity To Please Clients

    "Great experience, look forward to presenting to clients!

    Eboni, Travel Advisor - May 2023

    Can't Wait To Get Started

    "This is a fantastic option for ALL my clients!"

    Erin, Travel Advisor - May, 2024

    An Awesome Journey!

    "My VIP journey is going well. I like that it really makes me more intentional about my goals and direction I want to go!"

    Leeshon, Travel Advisor - January, 2024

    I look forward to being with you for a long time!

    "LatitudeGo is an amazing company! I feel so good partnering with you and I am giving this everything I have to be successful and I thank you for your wisdom, encouragement, and expertise. This is truly an awesome opportunity and I look forward to being with you for a long time 😃✨✨✨✨"

    Nicole, Travel Advisor - January, 2024

Memberships For Travel Agencies Of Any Size

Whether you're a solo travel advisor or a large agency, we've got the perfect membership plan to fit your needs. From our Silver membership plan to the high-earning and cost saving VIP membership plan, LatitudeGo offers the flexibility and earning potential you need to take your travel business to new heights. So, what are you waiting for? Join LatitudeGo today and start booking your clients the private charter flights of their dreams!
* Our earnings estimates are based on an estimated average booking price of $20,000.00 per flight. Commission rates are determined based on the Air Carrier's posted base charter price before taxes and fees are applied.
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Private flying offers an un-rivaled luxury travel experience and brings with it immense peace of mind. Private Air Carriers communicate better and more directly than Commercial carriers and they are in the business of providing a white glove experience to both you and your client. The combination of convenience, luxury, and peace of mind will be well worth it to you and your discerning clients. Not to mention, as a high ticket item, the commissions are quite nice too!

The process is simple! First, sign up for an account with LatitudeGo. Then, browse the selection of flights until you find the one you like, and press submit to request the booking. Our system and team will verify the flight details and secure your payment deposit. Then you are booked!

As long as there is a seat and the plane can safely handle the additional weight of the person and their luggage, then there is no issue! The amount of fuel and landing distance smaller aircraft require are heavily effected by weight though, so be sure to double check with the operator. However, there should not be any additional cost as you have booked the whole plane when you pay for a charter flight.

Yes, LatitudeGo pays commissions on all flights booked by travel advisors. The commission rate varies between 2.5% and 4% depending on the subscription plan the advisor has. We offer subscription plans starting as low as $9.98 per month up to $99.99 per month.

The prices quoted on LatitudeGo’s platform are intended to be as all-inclusive as possible. However, there are times when a client request or circumstances beyond the operators’ control may dictate additional service fees such as Catering, Ground Transportation, In-Flight Diversions or Route Changes, and cold weather de-icing requirements. Each operator has their own contract of carriage which they abide by and which outlines which additional fees may be applicable to a flight. These situations are few and far between.

No. At this time, LatitudeGo does not offer demo flights. All of our flights are provided by vetted 3rd party Air Carrier’s