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LatitudeGo empowers your Air Carrier to quickly and efficiently post hard quotes for empty or initiating flights.

Our DOT 295 compliant platform, created by airline experts, puts your inventory in front of a growing network of agents and advisors. Maximize revenue with our full billing and settlement platform, complete with industry-first payment options. Choose LatitudeGo to grow your brand.

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    Our onboarding process is fast and simple, with no switching costs! Request an onboarding packet today and quickly launch your inventory to start selling flights using our platform.
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    Our qualified lead generation process reduces workload and saves your team time. Use our platform as an extension of your charter team and focus on your core business, with no need for additional staff. It's easy with us!
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    Connect with a curated network of private flight agents and brokers for new revenue streams. No credit card fees on bookings and pay-over-time options for clients. Boost earnings and grow your business with us

Benefits Of Using LatitudeGo

Maximize your revenue and streamline your operations with LatitudeGo's end-to-end private aviation solutions

Plans For Air Carriers

At LatitudeGo, we understand that every air carrier has unique needs. That's why we offer customized pricing plans to meet those needs. Our plans are designed to help you open new sales channels and reach new clients through our nationwide network of travel advisors and brokers.

Our Pay Upon Fulfillment, full billing, and settlement platform were designed with compliance in mind, including DOT 295 compliance. With LatitudeGo, you can trust that your brand is protected, and your operations are elevated to a higher level.

LatitudeGo - Brokers get unmatched transparency in pricing for private flights they need to book.
  • Custom Plan

    Take off with a customized pricing plan designed to meet your unique needs as an air carrier partner.

    Our custom plans include access to our nationwide network of travel advisors and brokers, as well as our Pay Upon Fulfillment, full billing, and settlement platform designed with compliance in mind.