SkyFusion by LatitudeGO

Discover SkyFusion: The game-changer in luxury group bookings! Offer private flights without the usual hurdles. Elevate your agency, captivate your clients. 

What Is SkyFusion?

SkyFusion from LatitudeGo is an innovative tool that enables you to offer your clients special group booking rates on luxurious private flights, even if you don’t have the entire group assembled or the payment in hand yet.

Curate Custom Group Travel Packages

SkyFusion allows you to combine clients with similar interests into one customized journey.

Increased Affordabilty For Everyone

SkyFusion allows travel advisors to offer custom luxury travel at group rates, making high-end trips accessible to more clients.

Stand Out In A Crowded Industry

SkyFusion lets agents offer unique private charters, attracting clients and setting them apart as industry innovators.

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Sample Packages You Can Build!

Craft custom group travel packages for your clients with SkyFusion! Offer luxurious private charter flights to any destination, without a pre-set group or upfront payment.

How It Works

With SkyFusion, creating tailored travel packages is a breeze! Just give an estimate, set deals, and let clients book with a $100 refundable deposit. LatitudeGo simplifies filling seats. Effortless and straightforward.

  • Create Custom Package

    Use LatitudeGo to generate custom flight cost, include the per seat cost in your package offerings.
  • Market Package To Clients

    Promote your custom package to clients, highlighting the ability to participate in this exclusive offer.
  • Client Opt-In Period

    Interested clients can secure their spot on the flight with a risk-free deposit of $100 per seat.
  • Client Opt-Out Period

    After the opt-in period, clients get a final seat quote. If they opt-out, the deposit is fully refundable.
  • Final Call - Client Booking

    Clients continuing to booking will make payments, receive their e-tickets, and prepare for a memorable trip.