Elevate Your Travel Advisory Skills with LatitudeGo Academy

Discover the art of luxury travel and private charter mastery - A journey towards unparalleled professional and agency growth. Currently available only to our VIP Members. A La Carte course offerings coming soon.

What Is LatitudeGo Academy

LatitudeGo Academy is an innovative training portal, designed exclusively for travel agents that want to include private charter air travel into their offerings. At the heart of this platform lies a robust Learning Management System (LMS), providing an extensive range of on-demand courses and resources.

Our Academy is tailored to empower travel advisors, offering in-depth knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the luxury travel sector. LatitudeGo Academy is more than a learning platform – it's a career enhancer, a community, and a commitment to excellence in the world of private air travel.

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What Is LatitudeGo Academy

Benefits Of Using LatitudeGo

Discover unparalleled advantages: Master luxury travel, gain cutting-edge business skills, and set ambitious goals with LatitudeGo Academy's specialized, comprehensive training and dedicated support.

What To Expect

Discover a transformative learning journey at LatitudeGo Academy, featuring tailored courses, exclusive VIP perks, and personalized support to elevate your professional expertise.

Immersive Learning Experience

Expect engaging and interactive modules that cover every facet of luxury travel and private aviation, offering a well-rounded educational experience.

LatitudeGo Academy - Immersive Learning Experience

Tailored Coursework

Courses are designed to cater to different learning styles and paces. From live courses and online lessons to a la carte options, there’s a fit for every travel advisor’s needs.

LatitudeGo Academy Tailored Coursework

One-on-One Support

Expect unparalleled support and guidance. Our one-on-one approach ensures personalized attention, helping you integrate learning into your business seamlessly.

LatitudeGo Academy One-on-one support

VIP Member Exclusive Perks

As a VIP member, enjoy complimentary access to LatitudeGo Academy. This includes a wealth of resources, webinars, and specialized sessions led by industry experts.

LatitudeGo VIP Member Perks

    "I am thankful for this partnership. LatitudeGo has an amazing team that's pushing me to be better."


    Travel Advisor

    "I like that LatitudeGo is more hands on and helpful, and are trying to get people motivated. I really appreciate that."


    Travel Advisor

LatitudeGo Academy Testinonial

Elevate Your Career: Join Our VIP Membership

Step into the world of exclusive opportunities with our VIP membership. Gain full access to LatitudeGo Academy, where unparalleled resources in luxury travel await you. Enhance your expertise, expand your client base, and transform your advisory business with our advanced training and support. Join the ranks of top travel advisors and unlock your full potential. Make the move to VIP – where your journey to success takes flight!