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Make your clients' travel dreams a reality with our commitment to providing peace of mind, attainable luxury, and personalized service.

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We partner with a diverse group of private air carriers, all of which are committed to providing exceptional service, safety and experience to our clients.

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Your Safety is Our Top Priority. All of our Air Carrier partners are FAA and DOT approved and are fully insured.

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The crews of our air carriers are highly trained professionals who are committed to making your clients flight experience as enjoyable as possible.

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Our air carriers understand the importance of flexibility and reliability when it comes to scheduling flights. You'll be able to plan a trip around your clients schedule, not the other way around.

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Discover how our platform caters to the unique needs of travel advisors, air carriers, and brokers, offering unmatched convenience, transparency, and simplicity for all.

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Flying private is a unique luxury travel experience that can afford travelers more time to enjoy the experience at their destination. Private aircraft are more comfortable, more reliable, and usually have more convenience options (IE: Snacks and Beverages) than a typical commercial flight. Additionally, when you fly private, you have much more control and flexibility in what happens with the trip, and you do not need to arrive hours ahead of the flight.

You can rest easy and enjoy peace of mind knowing that an expert staff is providing you the best White Glove experience possible.

a. Private Air Carriers have a wide variety of staff from Customer Service Agents, to Flight Planners, Pilots and Safety Directors who work together to ensure that you are provided with a Safe, Comfortable and Efficient flight experience. They provide White Glove support and communication while ensuring that arrangements at both the departure airport and the arrival airport are properly in place. The best part is, you are not just a passenger to them like in Commercial Aviation where you are one out of hundreds. You are THE Passenger to them, meaning the only passenger (or group of passengers) they are focused on caring for. This allows for a much higher level of service and a much better overall travel experience.

Private Aviation typically utilizes smaller, more comfortable aircraft than commercial aviation and also transports known groups of travelers instead of many different groups who are unfamiliar with each other. Additionally, they use private terminals and FBO’s instead of the busy commercial terminals most travelers are familiar with. As such, they do not have as many restrictions as commercial aviation, are much more versatile in meeting their passenger’s needs, and bring their travelers much more comfort and time savings.

Yes and No. Private Aircraft still have to meet rigorous safety standards, just like commercial aviation, but they have less restrictions on where and when they can fly.

The saying goes, “You get what you pay for” and flying private is no exception. With LatitudeGo, we have taken steps to ease the burden of the associated costs by negotiating excellent wholesale rates with our air carriers, and by providing our new pay-over-time flight financing options. Additionally, some of our Carrier’s also offer low cost empty leg flights. These occur when another customer purchases a flight that requires the aircraft to reposition from one location to another without any passengers on board and which are often sold at a much lower price than an initiating charter. The availability of an empty leg is entirely dependent upon the initiating flight though, so be aware that some flexibility may be required.

Yes! We vet each and every air carrier we work with to ensure that they maintain the proper certifications and maintenance programs for all of their aircraft. Additionally, a study performed by Air Charter Service showed that the average private flier came into contact with no more than 4 people outside of their travel group versus an average of 600 people when traveling commercially!

The passenger capacity of private aircraft varies by the size of the aircraft. It is possible to charter a small aircraft that can only hold 1 to 3 passengers besides the pilot. It is also possible to charter a 300 passenger jumbo jet if you’re willing to pay the associated costs. The average light Jet or Turboprop typically holds from 5 to 7 passengers though.